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Elevation Certificate

Many property owners are surprised to find that their insurance policy does not cover damages caused by flooding. Unfortunately, far too many people don't make this discovery until they have suffered a loss from a flood. The risk is very real. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), just two inches of flood water can cause $7,800 in damages to the typical home.

To protect your property from the risk of flooding you will need Flood Insurance. Additionally, federal law may require you to buy flood insurance. You will need an Elevation Certificate prepared by a Registered Professional Land Surveyor to obtain flood insurance. The premium you pay for flood insurance is determined by the information shown on this certificate.

More information on flood insurance is available here or you can check out our Flood Insurance FAQs page.

Our standard fee for preparing an Elevation Certificate in Tarrant County can be found here.
For a quote on preparing an Elevation Certificate for property outside Tarrant County, please contact us.

You can also download our Elevation Certificate Fact Sheet here.