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Development Surveys

While a few people pursue careers in real estate development, others unexpectedly find themselves thrust into the role. Whether you are an experienced developer or a novice that just wants to build or expand your home or business, we can help you navigate through the bureaucratic maze.

We can take your project from a dream to the finished project with City Platting and Construction Surveying.

City Platting

There are as many different rules and regulations regarding developing property as there are cities. However, there are some common characteristics that most all share.

  • For an introduction to the various types of plats, click here.
  • Do you need a plat? For an explanation of how land is classified in Texas, click here.
  • Before you start the platting process, please check out our Developer's Checklist.
  • To contact your local development officials see our Development Directory.
Construction Surveying

Once the design is done, we can provide precise horizontal and vertical control for the construction of  buildings, roads, utilities and other improvements. To insure the best in quality control, we ask that the plans be transmitted to us electronically in the AutoCAD® format.